Sunday, February 2, 2014

Houston: Que Huong

On a rocket tour through Houston one afternoon, I got to be the guy who orders an embarrassing amount of food.  I don't know that I've ever been quite as overwhelmed by the choices on a menu as I was at Que Huong in the Hong Kong 4 Shopping Center in the middle of Houston's burgeoning Vietnamese community.  I had no idea how much food I'd ordered until our indulgent waiter struggled to find a place to put a gargantuan crepe, studded with crispy shallots and shrimps and hanging off the sides of a full sized dinner plate.  I'm pretty sure I laughed nervously while pushing aside the soft shelled crab in tamarind sauce, the gallon of rare beef pho and the shredded pork bahn mi.  ''Yes.  It's a lot of food for two people,'' he said.

The glut worked out in the long run, though.  We ate the leftovers sitting in the car at Sea Rim State Park while oil platforms twinkled on the black Gulf.  


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