Sunday, May 18, 2014

May Morning Forage

We spent this cloudy morning looking for edibles along the Bitterroot River.  The water is high and has sent swampy fingers into the cottonwood bottoms.  We watched an entire cottonwood snag drift down the center of the river like a gnarly raft.

Here's what we found:

The tender dandelion greens will go into a salad with pancetta, a simple shallot vinegarette and those few pristine morels fried crisp on top.  Perhaps some goat cheese.

The hawthorn blossom ends have been snipped up and are macerating in alcohol to make a heart tonic. 

And the new raspberry leaves will make a mild tea.

I like to remember that food is everywhere, and it doesn't take but an hour's walk in the morning to wind up with the foundations for lunch.  

We left this woody specimen to spore out on the riverbank. 

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