Monday, January 19, 2015

Finished guanciale

I decided to pull the pig jowls from the curing fridge about 7 weeks into the process, mostly because we were going on vacation.  They could have hung longer, but they were ready to go as is- having lost a great deal of their moisture content.  They look nice and taste wonderful.  The chile flakes, rosemary and black pepper I rubbed into them after taking them out of the curing fridge lend a savory punch.

When the hard outer rind is sliced off, they are a lovely brick red inside marbled with lots of creamy white fat. 

Time to make pasta carbonara.


  1. Whaaaaaa! Those look absolutely lovely! I am so impressed Israel! House curing meat has been on my list forever.


    1. It was a fun project and really pretty easy to do. Very satisfying. You should totally go for it. Not sure what to take on next.

      I hope you are having a good winter, h. Happy birthday!