Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meat salad

There is a great recipe for peppercorn encrusted short ribs in last month's issue of Saveur.  It is a multi-day affair that involves brining the shorties, packing them in peppercorn paste, chilling them, slow roasting them, searing them and then crisping them in a hot oven.  The meat gets served with thin-sliced radish, lemon, olives, greenery (I used radish tops, kale shreds, celery leaves and a bit of dill), and an anchovy vinaigrette made from colatura, Italian barrel-aged anchovy juice (I used straight up anchovy paste).  It is a lovely combo and the ribs taste like essence of pastrami.  I thought the peppercorn crust might completely fall off during the roasting/searing/crisping rigmarole.  You do lose a lot of the pepper, and that's ok, because a lot stays intact and it makes for a pungent meal.

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