Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 12: Dumpling parade

During our last few hours in Taipei, we raced around gobbling as many dumplings as we could.  We're at the airport standing on the verge of dumpling dearth back home.

Fried crispy on the bottoms.

Scallion filled.

Cabbage filled.  You slather on as much fermented chile as you wish.

These little guys were filled with pork and fried crisp and chewy on the bottoms.

Masterful works of engineering from our second visit to Din Tai Fung.  These are filled with shrimp and loofah squash.  They told us to eat them without adding soy sauce and vinegar.  Good move.  It's pricey, but these folks have mastered the art of xiao long bao.  Such delicate dough and moist fillings that sing with flavor.