Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Taipei Day 5: Lunch

For the most part, the food in Taiwan is beautifully simple.  Stir fried vegetables, rice with braised ground pork, noodles with with scallions and scattered greens, light, clear pork-broth soups with noodles and dumplings.  Case in point, yesterday's lunch:

Thin rice noodles, bean sprouts, greens, a bit of ground pork and pork dumplings.  The food is not spicy.  Flavoring is left up to the diner.  There's rice vinegar, soy sauce and fermented chili on every table.

And there's heaps of Chinese dumplings to be had for a pittance.  They are almost always good. It is ridiculously easy to eat here.  The challenge is parsing out the menus.  We accidentally ordered three bowls of soup for two yesterday.  

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