Thursday, January 21, 2016

La Carta de Oaxaca, Ballard

I've been itching for years to eat at this lively spot on Ballard Ave.  I've come close to doing so four or five times, but, for some reason, something always comes up.  Too long a wait, someone in the party wants Thai instead, etc.

We're happily stranded in Seattle.  The passes are chocked with snow and avalanche danger is extreme.  So we finally made it out in the pouring rain, crossing board bridges over sidewalk puddles big as Lake Union.  It was worth the wait in every respect.  There was even a table ready for our party of five.  Like magic.  

Lamb birria.  Tender braised loin in birria sauce served with perfect, chewy house tortillas.

Tamales with mole negro wrapped in banana leaves.  Eight flipping bucks.  

Entomatadas.  Beef and fried tortillas stuffed with Oaxaqueno cheese.

The price to quality ratio in this place is not often encountered in these parts.  They have an extensive mezcal program, to boot, and serve generous pours in crystal boats with tiny crosses stamped on the bottoms.  So you can't help but know you're drinking something holy.

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