Monday, January 11, 2016

Taipei Day 4: Angkor Wat Snacks, Fifi

Now this was some soup:

Lime leaves, pork, tomato and pineapple.  A rich, sweet broth sort of like pho mixed with Thai curry.

Ground pork rice with basil, chili, peanut.  Pickled cabbage, spinach, bamboo shoots and egg.  One of the cooks at Angkor Wat Snacks sat with an enormous satchel of basil, tearing leaves off stems.  Lunch for $5.50.

Tonight's meal at Fifi, an upscale Sichuan restaurant with a disco ball, techno beats and chic clientele drinking goblets of red wide, was the most expensive so the trip so far.  It was good, but we were encouraged to stick with cheaper places that are just as good.  

These braised pork ribs were worth every penny though:

Classic mapo tofu.

Dry green beans with chili and pork.

Leeks, black beans and ground pork.

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